How To Draw A Giraffe

Learn how to draw a Giraffe step by step for kids


Step 1: First draw a long narrow snout. It looks like a very thin hook with a short hook on the bottom.

Step 2: Continue the short hook line up to create the lower jaw line. Add a small horn at the top of the head.

Step 3: Just under the horn add a small eye. Right after the horns pull a pointed ear back. At the muzzle of the muzzle draw a small nose.

Step 4: Starting from the back of the pointed ear draw a long line down a slight diagonal line to make the neckline. This is a very thick line. The lower part of the curve has a slight curve for the buttocks.

Step 5: Add another long line below the muzzle to make the front of the neck. Continue this line on a long and thin front leg. Do not forget the black nail down. Keep the back of the foot up, gradually making the foot wider at the top. It will end just below the neckline.

Step 6: Continue the neck line along with a short curved curve. Continue drawing the line down the hind legs to the nail. Draw straight lines back into the body. Hind legs wider than the bottom.

Step 7: Add a short tail with a feather in the butt.

Step 8: Now add one foot in front of the first leg. Make it the same length and width as the other front legs. Then, in front of the hind leg will draw another hind leg. Do not forget the black hoof at the bottom of all the legs.

Step 9: Finally add the circle pattern on the neck. The above is a guide How to draw for kids


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