How to Draw a cute Girl Face

Every girl wants to be able to draw a beautiful picture of the face of a girl or a girl. Some of you may have tried drawing a girl but it did not become as great as you expected. Face is the most expressive part of the body. It may be difficult to describe facial expressions on paper. Try to How to draw a girl with a pencil HB step by step. You can then paint in the drawing with colored pencils or crayons. You may not make it perfect the first time but remember that practice makes perfect. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a girl step by step.


Step 1

Draw a girl’s face outline. The first step is quite simple. You only need to draw ovals of the face as well as the shoulders and arms. As usual, you can use small circles to replace the joints, this will help you draw a girl properly. Draw straight lines without pressing too hard on the pencil. In the following steps, you will be able to delete them from the drawing.

Step 2

Draw a girl’s outfit. Now draw the neck of the girl. Compare the proportions with the face and hands to not make the neck too thick. Those are minor things that often cause the drawing to fail. Draw a girl’s dress and her right hand.

Step 3

Draw an easy girl. The girl has a short-sleeved dress with raised shoulders. No comments needed at this stage – just revisit my drawing if needed. Before proceeding to the next step, delete the circles.

Step 4

Details to draw a Girl. It is normal for early stages of drawing to be cluttered and not so beautiful. Please continue and you will find that it is a very beautiful drawing of a girl!

Step 5

Draw a girl’s hat in detail. In this step, you will draw the hat and face of the girl. To do this correctly, it is best that you have some experience with drawing a person’s face but if not, we will draw a very simple version of the face. Outline the lines of the eyes, nose and lips. Try to position your eyes on one level and the same size and shape. Also carefully estimate the level to place the lips and nose of the girl.

Step 6

Draw the face of the girl. First, draw the hair and face of the girl in detail: eyebrows, eyes, nose. The models on her hat must be symmetrical. You can draw a rose on the top of the hat and paint it with colored pencils. Finish drawing short sleeves and other parts of the girl’s outfit.

Step 7

Draw a girl. Finish! A drawing of a girl is done technically. Now just add a little detail to your decision and color the girl’s dress.

You can refer to many tutorials tutorials posted on the professional website such as:


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