I show you how to draw a birds – in general, a simple approach. Here you will quickly grasp the basic principles of the bird body.

Before drawing the border, try to observe the bird’s ratio in the image above.

Please do not watch the coat or the like – not yet. Simply see how big the head compared to the trunk, how long the tail … and, the beak is turned up a bit.

Every bird – as we all feel it – has a beak, head, trunk, legs and tail.



In logical order, someone can start drawing birds from the trunk and another from scratch. I have started to draw birds from the beginning, while simultaneously observing strongly the proportion of both; head and trunk.

These two parts of the body must have a good balance when you draw a bird from the very beginning if you want to be happy with your final drawing.

However, it is difficult to say which is the correct way to start. It is personal and it also depends on the level of your drawing skills.

I would say, also try to use your intuition a bit, because drawing is a creative activity and you usually can not make it simply by following a prescribed guide.

Each bird has different body proportions. For example, this small, cute kingfisher has mines close to the size of the body. In this case, you should pay special attention to the size and shape of the mine as it is one of the main features on your bird’s drawing.


In general, the trunk of a bird is almost always a drop-shaped body of water. When you draw a bird always keep in mind that the bird, in fact, is a small living plane.

As always, use a tilt pencil, clamp and your line will be stable and accurate.

Now you can join the circle of heads and body together with the gentle curves that will create the neck of the bird.

At this stage, drawings – sketches, are still very rough, so create as many pencil lines as needed.

Add the tail, mark the wig – just about, sketch the beak and paint the legs.

While drawing and sketching these basic body parts, always keep track of the balance and good proportions of the entire drawing.

At this stage, you have a basic body outline of a bird.


You can delete the excess pencil lines and slowly approach the actual shape. If possible start from scratch, which naturally leads you to draw mines.


Watch again the bird is ready to draw on the top and pay special attention to the position of the eye.

Note that the eye is closer to the beak, so sketch the first eye with only a light pencil stroke, very lightly.


The bird’s tail serves as a supporter when sitting and it usually moves up and down depending on the location of the bird.

The tail consists of a number of long hairs assembled into a fanlike shape and it really looks like the hairs piled on top of each other.

Delete the rest of all the original pencil lines unnecessarily and you have a nice picture to add to your bird drawing collection.

You can refer to many articles detailed instructions on the website: http://htdraw.com


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