Why do every child like painting?


It’s a way of expressing yourself because they probably have no words to describe what they feel or what they want to say. It promotes creativity and thought will help in the long run. That is how to analyze their world through color and shape, and the reaction between the two.

For our ancestors, drawing is a way of recording. Cave paintings record their daily life, culture, social hierarchy and the environment at that time. They do not have the system of letters to draw what they see as their visual language. It’s a survival strategy rather than an instinct because they can record hunting for animals, such as in a group or alone, where the animals will be in a particular season or weather. Used to kill or use to help in their daily lives, where some food trees or medicinal plants will grow, safe to eat or used for other purposes, when to eat. food, shelter, where to live, how to build a home, where to live, and more.

Egyptians began to use drawings, symbolic images and alphabets to record the same thing apart from building some items as they created a digital system through art. Draw and draw the hand in hand back then and still remain. Art has become a way of recording certain objects and events as medical illustrations. Drawing and drawing some plants and animals from different lands when photography is not developing and unfavorable tourism is a way to record the color, shape or size of an object or animal through ways that words can not. Many medical plants (learned from indigenous people) and rare plants are recorded (with location, size, color, hatching time, and such) that can not be seen today.

How to draw for kids

To help your child draw well, it is important that he or she is comfortable drawing what he or she likes, And should suggest drawing topics for the baby to choose how to draw Pokemon, how to draw animals…Or for the kids just enjoy the drawing tutorials on the drawing tutorial website, professional youtube channel drawing tutorials like HTdraw channel.




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